Dyfan (Actor -Pobol y cwm)

“Its coming up to nearly 3 years with Hal for me and I don’t think there is a better personal trainer out there. Due to my work I have to change my body on a regular basis.

When I first met Hal I had to bulk up as much as I could and had about 5-6months to achieve this. At the time I hadn’t been training for a year or two and was worried about not reaching the size I had to achieve. With a deadline and pressure hanging on my shoulders I took 100% faith in Hal’s training and his diet program. I was immediately impressed by the logic of his approach and after the first month I could see and feel results. I knew then that we were on our way to reaching the goal. When it came to the deadline I did put on over 3 stone of muscle and was just right for filming. I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Training and dieting can be very hard to keep up and i was finding it hard at some points. But thankfully Hal was always there to keep myself motivated and lead by example.

Over the past month training Hal has become more than a trainer but a true friend (even if he is better than me in golf!) and someone who I would trust with anything. Know I have more deadlines and will continue to use Hal through my career and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to change their body.”

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