Tina (Part-time lecturer/Student services)

“If you’re reading this because you’re looking for a quality, friendly PT that gets results, then look no further – you’ve found one!

I started training with Hal a 4 years ago and at that time I had, if I’m honest, let myself go a for a few years… I was truly terrified of meeting Hal at first and had all my excuses lined up (and my belly sucked in), but thankfully I didn’t need them! There was no judgement at all, just positivity all around.

My journey with Hal started with home training (in my sauna of an apartment), progressing to adding weekly outdoor Bootcamp sessions and finally having the confidence to move to the gym to train (which I’m sure Hal was grateful not having to hang out of my apartment window for air anymore!). In a year I have quite literally gone from no strength to strength, not being able to jog 200m, to completing numerous olympic distance triathlons and a half distance Ironman event, deadlifting an 8kg kettlebell (questioning Hal at the time whether it might have been to heavy) to now deadlifting 130kg with ease and I’m about to complete my first full distance IRONMAN event – which at 40, I think that is quite an achievement on Hal’s part. ‘Fit at Forty’ was my goal and I’m already there thanks to Hal – he has completely transformed me (and so my life) for the better!

I guess what I’m trying to say is Hal is excellent at what he does, he is inspirational, constantly drives you (within your capabilities), always makes every session fun and interesting and makes you want to come back for more – yes really! Oh, and most importantly, you get superb results…which is the main thing you want after all!

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