Kirsty Boulton – (John Lewis)

“Well, my journey with Hal started in the run up to my wedding to get those final few pounds shifted…I’ve now been married 3 years and training with Hal is still regular part of my schedule!

Hal is a great PT that has trained both me and my husband, and we both agree that we wouldn’t train with anyone else.

Hal cares about you getting the results you want and will always be honest about how you will get there. He is always looking for new ways to make exercise interesting and we have never done the same session twice, i’m always kept on my toes. Hal is very well informed in sports science and is confident in working to specific goals, advising on nutrition and working to rehabilitate injuries, he also gives a good sports massage too!

In recent months Hal has continued to train me through my first pregnancy, inspiring and assuring me to continue exercising whilst carrying my baby. He has been moaned at, sworn at and even accidently punched a couple of times, all taken with a smile on his face.

I can always count on a good old natter in between sets and have formed a great friendship over the years. I thank Hal for everything he has done for me so far and would recommend him to anyone. Get ready to be fit and fabulous!!”

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